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Внутрикоронковое отбеливание зубов (отбеливание неживых зубов) Inside the coronal tooth whitening (Bleaching of the non-living teeth)
Inside the coronal tooth whitening is applied to the teeth with the remote nerve and allows you to restore the whiteness of pulpless tooth using chemicals
Профилактика кариеса Prevention of tooth decay
Caries is the most common dental disease in preschool and early school age. And like any disease, tooth decay is easier to prevent than to cure
Просто об ортодонтии
Как лечить пародонтит?
Коронки на основе оксида циркония Crowns on the basis of zirconium oxide
Zirconium oxide in stomatology has been widely used relatively recently, however it has already deserved likings of doctors and patients

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"A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks" (Charles Gordy)

There are many options to make your smile more brighter and more attractive. We can achieve the effect, not only to your eyes, shining like the sun glare, but the smile fascinate all by its brilliance. For this, along with a variety of procedures such as whitening, dental inlay is also used.

Tooth jewelry - is a miniature, various forms (drops, stars, hearts, etc) jewelry, which are attached to teeth with adhesives - safe agglutinant. Tooth jewelry give a zest to your charming smile. Installing them takes about 15 minutes. In the case of your wishes, tooth jewelry can be removed as quickly as they are installed.

Tooth jewelry can serve not only as decoration but also to hide some defects such as spots or bumps on tooth enamel.
In the dental clinic "TRI-NITI" you can choose a decoration that you like!

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