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Children's dentistry

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Профилактика кариеса Prevention of tooth decay
Caries is the most common dental disease in preschool and early school age. And like any disease, tooth decay is easier to prevent than to cure
Фторирование зубов Fluoridation of teeth
Fluoridation is a new method to strengthen tooth enamel, which allows you to save the fragile baby teeth healthy and prevent tooth decay.
Герметизация фиссур Fissure sealing
Fissure sealing is a modern preventive treatment aimed at protecting vulnerable chewing surfaces of teeth from the penetration of germs and bacteria
Лечение кариеса молочных зубов у детей Caries treatment of milk teeth
Very often, parents ask doctors of pediatric dentistry: "Is it necessary to treat milk teeth if they fall out anyway?" The answer is simple: "Yes"
Цветные пломбы для детей Rainbow on the teeth, or colored fillings for children
It seems that the dentist has a chance to become a friend for the child. And child's fear of clinic visits is gradually changing to interest. The reason for that - magic colored fillings

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