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Guarantees for services

Many patients that visit a dentist ask about guarantees because very often they deal with the problem of poor maintenance and poor service delivery. By providing a guarantee for the treatment or dental prosthetics, the doctor protects the patient from unskilled and low-quality professional service. However, not everything depends on the doctor and his actions.

For example, you can not always predict the results of one hundred percent of endodontic treatment. Because the end result of this treatment is influenced by many factors, ranging from the anatomical structure of the tooth root and ending with reaction to the medicine. Also difficult to predict the treatment of milk teeth, which are affected by food, genetics, hygiene, level of immunity.

You can not be given a guarantee on a one-time service when there are many unsolved problems in the mouth and the patient is not consciously engaged in treatment. For example, comes to reception and askes to put the seal on a front tooth, but there are missing half of the teeth on the sides. How can we ensure that the seal will last for many years, if the front teeth have a load for himself and for all missing. Of course, the guarantee on this work will be minimal.

However, there is a guarantee on most dental services. Starting from simple fillings and finishing with the implantation of the teeth.

Important for the warranty obligations of treatment are a level of patient's health, his attitude towards his health and proper implementation of all the doctor's recommendations, which include: 
- daily brushing your teeth twice a day for three minutes with toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash;
- visiting the dentist every three or six months depending on the doctor's recommendations;
- careful attitude to the teeth and dentures (do not chew nuts, open bottles, etc.);
- do all the doctor's recommendations for the care of teeth and dentures, including the use of mouthguards, interdental brushes, irrigation systems and massage gums;
- well-balanced diet, the inclusion of foods containing calcium and phosphorus in the diet.

Guarantees in the dental clinic "TRI-NITI" is set on the basis of "The provisions of the warranty and service life in the provision of dental care". The provisions have been developed in accordance with the "Fundamentals of the Ukrainian legislation about health care", the Law of Ukraine "About Protection of Consumer Rights", the order of Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 305 from 21.11.2000 "About Approval criteria for medical economic evaluation of the provision of dental care I, II, III levels (outpatient care)", Order of the Ministry of Ukraine № 507 from 28.12.2002 "About approval of standards of dental care providing and quality of care".

In each case, the dentist of clinic "TRI-NITI" depending on the state of your teeth and health level, can offer a guarantee on his work for up to 2 years. Specific guarantee terms for dental works (services) are set for each patient by the doctor and depend on: 
- clinical situation in the mouth;
- concomitant diseases that are directly or indirectly lead to changes in the teeth and surrounding tissues;
- completeness of implementation of patient treatment plan recommended by doctor.

In these circumstances in a particular case, guarantee terms and terms of service may be reduced or increased compared with the average.

Guarantee period for seal in the dental clinic "TRI-NITI" is determined from the date of completion of treatment and the installation of a tooth seal (which is reflected in the medical card) and is 12 months. The service life is calculated from the date of completion of dental treatment and is 36 months. 

Guarantee period - a period during which in the case of discovery of defects in work, the patient has the right to choose and require:
- free of charge elimination of defects of the work;
- corresponding reduction in price for the work;
- repeated execution of part of work or the whole work from the material of the same quality;
- reimbursement of incurred financial costs of remedial work.

Drawback - the discrepancy of dental services with mandatory requirements of medical standards.

The service life of dental care of dental clinic "TRI-NITI" (dentures, fillings, etc.) is calculated from the date of manufacture and the time period during which the service is usable.

Within a specified period of service the dental clinic "TRI-NITI" is responsible for significant deficiencies caused by her fault, as a performer.

Appreciable drawback - the lack, which makes it impossible to use the result of work in accordance with its intended purpose or which can not be eliminated, or whose removal is costly (eg, complete fracture of the prosthesis or loss of seal).

Implementation of guarantee period keeping seals after the treatment is provided at: 
1. Patient compliance with the rules of personal oral hygiene.
2. Hygienic index is not exceeding 2.0 points on the Fedorov-Volodkina.
3. Absence of patient diseases of the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, malignant tumors, radiation injury, severe destruction of the psyche, alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, multiple caries, inflammation of the salivary gland abnormalities the teeth, bite abnormalities and deformations of the jaws.
4.T he absence of pathology of pregnancy.
5. CFU performance (caries, fillings, extracted teeth) aged 15-25 years - no more than 8, for 45 years and older – 12.0.
6. Content of fluoride in the water in the area of patient's home as a percentage is of 0.8 to 1.2 mg / liter, pH of saliva of patient - not less than 6.8.
7. The absence of harmful substances in the workplace.

Doctor of dental clinic "TRI-NITI" gives the patient the advice on implementing the necessary measures for the care of oral health (the frequency of routine inspections, conducting hygiene, care of dentures, implants, permanent care, etc. according to established standards).

In case of default of these requirements, the patient loses the right to complain about the flaws (defects) that arising from the non-contract terms. 

The guarantee period and service life of using the dentures.

Guaranteed service life of use of dentures, made in a dental clinic "TRI-NITI", is determined from the date of completion of prosthesis and fixation of the denture in the mouth (there is a record in the outpatient medical card) and is 12 months.

The service life of the denture is installed from the date of completion of prosthesis and fixation of the denture in the mouth and is 36 months.

If you violate of oral hygiene (hygienic index>2) - the guarantee period is reduced by 50%.

Conditions of the guarantee period of use of dentures after the end of prosthetic, making prosthesis and fixation it in the mouth: 
1. Patient compliance with the rules of personal oral hygiene.
2. Hygienic index is not exceeding 2.0 points on the Fedorov-Volodkina.
3. The absence of the patient's bruxism, jaw deformities, gingivitis, generalized periodontitis, aphthous stomatitis, keratosis, oral mucosa, leukoplakia, oral manifestations of exudative erythema multiforme, lichen ruber planus, allergies to prosthetic materials (plastics, metals, alloys), average dislocation or subluxation of the temporomandibular jaw joint.
4. Lack of manifestations of common diseases in the oral cavity (diabetes, gastritis and tumors).
5. The absence of secondary caries or pulpitis under the crown, the pH of saliva of patient - not less than 6.8.
6. The absence of harmful substances in the workplace.

Requirements for the patient after the prosthetic:
1.Strict compliance of the doctor's recommendations on the use of a particular prosthesis, regular and competent personal hygiene of mouth (after training), in the morning and evening - brushing your teeth, dentures, mouth and denture rinse after meals.
2.Quitting smoking.
3.Visit your doctor to adjust dentures. In any case do not carry out your own adjustment of dentures and repairs.
4.Refer for medical attention as a prophylactic measure at least 1 time per year, and with the appearance of complications or failure of prostheses - apply immediately.
5.Correcting deficiencies of treatment only in the clinic "TRI-NITI".

Complaints of patients concerning dentures, under the existing legislation on consumer protection may be provided in the service during the guarantee period, provided that the patient performed doctor's recommendations.

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