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Коронки на основе оксида циркония Crowns on the basis of zirconium oxide
Zirconium oxide in stomatology has been widely used relatively recently, however it has already deserved likings of doctors and patients
Металлокерамическая коронка Porcelain fused to metal crowns
Porcelain fused to metal crowns produced an aesthetic breach by the appearance in prosthetics, complimenting with millions of people the possibility to have beautiful teeth
Безметалловая пресс-керамическая коронка IPS e.max Metal-free press-ceramic crown IPS e.max
Metal-free ceramic is modern stomatological material, which allows not only to recover teeth but also give a smile naturalness and beauty.
Вкладка дарит зубу «вторую жизнь» Inlay gives a tooth a «second life»
Inlays are constructions which are used for the renewal of the crown's part of a tooth at its destruction for more than on the third.
Протезирование на имплантатах

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