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Porcelain fused to metal crowns

Porcelain fused to metal crowns  produced an aesthetic breach by the appearance in prosthetics, complimenting with millions of people the possibility to have beautiful teeth. Porcelain fused to metal crowns is in demand and large popularity.

 If already almost all teeth are with caries, if there is a fluorosis, innate excalation of enamel, effaced of enamel, anomalies of theform, sizes of a tooth, traumatic damage of a tooth, prosthesis will be recommended to you. Porcelain fused to a metal crown is reliable, lasting and mainly accessible. Due to modern technologies porcelain fused to metal crowns maintains considerable masticatory loading and function for long years.

In the  basis of a crown there is a metallic framework, which is covered with ceramic mass, which imitates the color of a tooth. The best materials for metallic basis of a crown are alloys of noble metals (gold and platinum, gold and palladium).  Porcelain fused to metal on a gold and platinum alloy is more aesthetically beautiful,it has a natural kind, warm color and does not get grey due to a gold disperser. Such crown  adjoins to the tooth more precisely, it provides fusibleness of alloy.

 A gold-containing disperser on 40% reduces the risk of the formation of caries under a crown.  Crowns on a gold and platinum alloy are possible to put on «living teeth», not to delete nerves before prosthetics. A gold-containing alloy is biologically consonant with the organism of a human.

Even if your part of a tooth is fully blasted above gum,  porcelain fused to a metal crown can be put on an inlay core.

Advantages of porcelain fused to metal:
- Excellent aesthetics. Using  porcelain fused to metal is possible to attain complete accordance of false teeth to natural.
- Functionality. Similarly comfortably to chew food by porcelain fused to metal crowns, as well as by the teeth, and on occasion even better.  
- Good hygiene. On  porcelain fused to metal in once or twice a microbal raid settles less, than on the teeth or on a metal. Consequently, porcelain fused to metal teeth more "hygienical". It is specially important for the patients with parodontitom.
- Longevity.  Porcelain fused to metal gets dressed on a tooth very exactly . Food and saliva donot get between a crown and a tooth, therefore  caries does not develop under a crown. The middle term of the service of porcelain fused to metal on an ignoble alloy is 10-12 years, on a gold and platinum  alloy is15 years and more.
- Universality. Porcelain fused to metal constructions allows prosthetics of simple and difficult clinical cases with a long-term favourable prognosis.

Disadvantages of porcelain fused to metal:
Porcelain fused to metal crowns is not recommended to 16 years. The reason is simple – teenagers” teeth have not enough thick walls and can not survive loading. It is also undesirable to put porcelain fused to metal  on the most unsteady teeth of adults - lower cutting teeth.  Contra-indication to such type of prosthetics is pathology of bite and pathological effaced of teeth. As ceramics considerably harder than a natural enamel, at the considerable loadings the enamel of own tooth melts on eyes.

A weak link is a disease of soft tissues round a tooth, which do not maintain loading of a porcelain fused to a metal  crown either.

It looks awful and very aesthetically unbeautiful. We shut out such errors, preparing a tooth with a step against which a crown leans expressly, therefore such complications do not arise up for our patients.

The most widespread complication of crowns is the gradual diminishing of the level of gum and exposure of the line of metal at  the foundation of  a crown.

This problem is successfully solved in  «Tri-niti» due to application of porcelain fused to metal  crowns with a continuous porcelain edge, when gum does not  contact with metallic basis closely.

And also in «TRI-NITI»  too large teeth are not made, for example:
Working with professional techniques, we have the possibility not to violate the proportions of a face and the harmony of a smile. At the considerable recession of own gums, we do porcelain fused to metal works with artificial gums. It looks considerably more natural and nobody will ask: «And why do you have such large teeth?"

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