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Metal-free press-ceramic crown IPS e.max

Metal-free ceramic is modern stomatological material, which allows not only to recover teeth but also give a smile naturalness and beauty. 
Metal-free сrowns are semilucent. They create the illusion of a natural tooth. Such crowns are made from the special pressed ceramics, that does their lights reliable, functional and especially aesthetically beautiful.

Advantages of ceramic crowns
Unlike a ceramic crown, which is a metallic disperser, facing ceramics, metal-free ceramic are porcelain wholly. This technology converts cosmetic prosthesis into reality. 
 Ceramic crowns do not change colors and do not paint the edge of gums with which they are in a permanent contact. Dense adjoining to the tooth considerably decreases the  probability of origin of caries under crowns and recementing.

Metal-free ceramic is a safe technology. Porcelain is inert material which does not influence the environment and does not cause harm to the human's organism. Porcelain is hypoallergic.  

Material has the same degree of refraction of light, that enamel of a tooth. If during making a crown  take into account the individual features of a face, form of teeth and carefully  pick up the color, it is impossible to distinguish it from a living tooth. From the cosmetic point of view, porcelain is ideal material for reproducing of a tooth.
However, porcelain crowns yield  in durability to other types of crowns, therefore it is better to put them on anterior teeth.

Now it is not already needed to be afraid of the word «crown». Prosthesis became not only rational but also beautiful.

The personnel of clinic «TRI-NITI»  will do all possible to save your good mood.

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